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Words and sports

Words and sports

Various publications exist carrying papal texts touching on the theme of sports. Together with those readily available...

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The "Vatican" Cricket Club Members of the St. Peter's Cricket Club playing at St. Peter's Field, in Rome

Sport is a mass phenomenon. Each week it mobilises hundreds of thousands of people as they exercise, flock to stadia to support their teams or watch a Formula One race on television. The sports market moves astonishing numbers and is capable of unleashing extremely strong passions. In some cases, sport is a worrying phenomenon of violence, a refuge for extremists and racists. At other times, it is a factor for social gathering and celebration. Hence the Pontifical Council for Culture's "Culture & Sports" department exists to:

1. Bring together the saving message of the Gospel and the world of sports, in order to open it up further to the Christian faith, which creates culture.

2. Encourage use of sport as an educational resource and tool for the cultural development of peoples.

3. Along with other offices of the Holy See in this sector, establish relationships with international sports bodies, and with Catholic sports associations.

4. Facilitate dialogue at the Church-University with sports people, sports centers and organizations, and promote meaningful encounters between these cultural worlds.