Art and Faith

cappella sistina
The Sistine Chapel

The Department “Art and Faith”, following the teaching of the Pontiffs, particularly Paul VI and his successors who have invited the faithful to follow the via pulchritudinis, the way of beauty, has as its aim the study and engagement with contemporary artistic currents, particularly those in the religious-spiritual sphere, for greater understanding and interaction with the artists themselves and with the ecclesial world.

One of our main pursuits is that of creating occasions of meeting and encounter between artists and the Church, for a greater dialogue with artists in which they “feel they are recognised by the Church as people at the service of the true, the good and the beautiful” (Pastor bonus, 16). This will let the Good News reach the world of the Arts, letting human talent face up to the reality of Christ, to the Scriptures and the Christian vision of existence, a marvellous source of inspiration, for “faith takes nothing away from your genius or your art: on the contrary, it exalts them and nourishes them, it encourages them to cross the threshold and to contemplate with fascination and emotion the ultimate and definitive goal, the sun that does not set, the sun that illumines this present moment and makes it beautiful.” (Discourse of Benedict XVI to artists 21 November 2009).

Our initiatives also include formation, orientation and discernment sessions for artists who wish to put their talents at the service of the Christian community.

The Department also seeks to promote and encourage Arts Organisations, Academies, Schools and other Institutions, so that they can engage in the formation of young artists, inspired and shaped by an authentic Christian humanism.

The Department looks at different artistic areas, especially those that are more closely connected to the evangelising and formative action of the Church and its mission to the cultures of the contemporary world.

The main sectors of interest are Architecture, Design, Painting and Sculpture, Music, Literature, Poetry, Theatre, Cinema, Television, Art History and Criticism.