Church, Music, Interpreters

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III International Conference

Church, Music, Interpreters: a necessary dialogue

Old Synod Hall - Vatican

7-8-9 November 2019


  • The vocation of the musical interpreter
  • The instruments in the composition of sacred music
  • Compositional styles
  • From graphic sign to improvisation
  • Vocal techniques
  • A look at interculturality


(PDF File with all the abstracts)

Card. Ravasi and Chiara Bertoglio, Hermeneutics and Interpretation

Massimo Donà, The Relationship between Music and the Sacred

James O'Donnell, The Organ as Interpreter

Jordi-A. Piqué, Flatus vocis: the sound of the voice as music in the liturgy

Pawel Lukaszewski, The Language of the Composer

Salvatore Sciarrino, The Use of the Voice

Giovanni Acciai, The Word-Sound Relation in Sacred Vocal Music from the Renaissance to the Baroque

Giuseppe Gullo, Vox Humana: physiological, historical and technical aspects of vocality from the Baroque to the 21st century

Dinko Fabris & Antonio Florio, Interpreting Sacred Music of the Past Today

Richard Mailaender, Choral Music and the Experience of Contemporary Oratories

Pino Di Luccio, S.I., The Mediterranean area - Songs, Music and Dance in the Texts of Monotheistic Religions in the Mediterranean Area

Egberto Bermudez, The South American area - inculturation


a) Organ Improvisation

1. Daniel Matrone, Organist, San Luigi dei Francesi

workshop held in Santa Maria in Camposanto Teutonico in Vaticano

2. Theodor Flury, Professor at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music 

workshop held in the Cappella del Coro in St. Peter's Basilica

b) Interpretation Experiences

1. Richard Mailaender, Choral Music and Direction

2. Pawel Lukaszewski, Composition

The program includes Workshops - Vespers in the Sistine Chapel -

Audience with the Holy Father (Pope's Talk)

Simultaneous translation English / Italian - Italian / English

Download the programme here

Registration closed

Church, Music and Interpreters