by Fara Bemahazaka

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Fara Bemahazaka, is from Madagascar and is studying in Florence. The people of her country are mostly young. But they have difficulty finding their identity and becoming the protagonists of their own lives and of their country. Africa is wounded and divided, but could offer so much: a strong welcoming, openness to the transcendent that cultures on all the continents share, the desire to belong to groups ready to serve and not be served. As with many young people she wants to do something great, to translate the spirituality and values of the Christian Faith into action for the good of her people, she is ready to offer her life to save other youngsters who are being lost.

This intervention will focus on voluntary civil service, through which Fara has met young students from many countries and countries, often marked by the weight of forced immigration. This has been here experience of Welcome, an African trademark, that all of humanity shares.

As a student, together with other Africans, Fara feels the urge to unite the best of Africa. This is why she promotes the Association of African Students in Florence, which goes beyond the tribal and national divisions, bringing the beauty and unity of African culture to the fore. The commitment to share student life is for her the experience of voluntary work, that is of “giving gratuitously”.

Young people are not just interested in short term solutions, but want to resolve the underlying problems. There is a need to enter into the heart of society, ready to intervene there where the greater suffering arises. “With the Youth for a Better World” is the slogan that guides Fara in promoting the creative actions of fraternity and making the Good that is spreading more visible. Fara’s hope is that the world will feel the call to unity, as Jesus proclaimed.