Emotional Alphabet

by Pia de Solenni

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Over the past 20 years or more, western society at large has recognized the presence and significance of "emotional intelligence." Previously, the standardized idea of IQ was used to determine an individual's ability. Subsequently, the psychological sciences have identified the component of emotional intelligence which is tied to a person's ability to relate to and understand others. In essence, it argues that intelligence is shaped by our environs and not just our genetics. The implications of this go far beyond determining one's success in the business world. Extrapolating from these theories, we can begin to understand an essential, and perhaps in some cases missing, component of the Catholic Church's interaction and formation of youth.

Dr. Pia de Solenni is a moral theologian and cultural analyst. She regularly engages in both academic settings and secular media. On November 8, 2001, she received the 2001 Award of the Pontifical Academies for her doctoral work. The award was presented by John Paul II.